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The Homosassa River System includes the main stem of the river, several tributaries (Halls River, Price Creek, Otter Creek, and Battle Creek) which flow seven miles through a network of coastal wetlands and lowlands to the Gulf of Mexico. The upper reaches of the River are recognized in Florida state law as “Outstanding Florida Waters” and thereby enjoy special protections, and may not be degraded. This river system is the outflow from Homosassa Springs, one of Florida’s first-magnitude springs, and a number of smaller springs and is one of seven rivers in Citrus County. The spring water emerges at a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which provides year round water sports, outstanding fishing and annual large gatherings of Manatees. The lower river is a typical riverine estuary in which saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico mix with the freshwater outflow from the springs. The estuary supports commercial fisheries for crabs, shrimp and fish, outstanding wildlife observation opportunities, especially for wading birds and birds of prey, and outdoor recreation in a near-wilderness setting, including pleasure boating, canoeing and kayaking, and fishing. The protection of this habitat with its rare, ecologically important qualities is the mission of the Homosassa River Alliance.


Welcome to the Homosassa River Alliance

Current Topics


Draft minutes for the July and August meetings are now posted on the Meetings and Picnic page.  For our September meeting, SWFWMD representaitves will join us for a discussion of how the District's programs and actions can benefit the river.

The August meeting was attended by 47 members and guests.  Sheriff Prendergast spoke about the need to add five marine patrol officers and assets to help address the unlawful conduct on the Couynty's waterways.  Representatives of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Division of Law Enforcement also spoke about concerns for boater safety, especially among scallopers, and the need for increased enforcement capability to address those concerns.  But the good news is that three additional FWC officers will be assigned to Cigtrus County in the near future. The River Alliance presented Thomas Reid of the FWC with a new radar gun that was donated anonymously by two HRA members.

The June 10 Homosassa River Alliance meeting was a great welcome back to our current members AND the numerous new members who joined that evening.  Every seat was filled and the meeting featured some long-overdue presentations and awards, as well as lively discussions about some important and current issues concerning the River. Some topics discussed were speed limits on the river, noise issues including a possible county noise control ordinance, status of the Homosassa River Restoration Project and scheduling for sewering the Spring Cove area.  Steve and  Cindy Minguy were the recipients of the Blue Water Award in recognition of their tremendous work in advancing the Homosassa River Restoration Project.  The River Alliance Environmental Warrior Award was presented to Roger Cullen, a longtime supporter of many Homosassa River causes, and the audience heard from our 2021 "Voice of the River" scholarship winner, Natalya Donaldson.  Please visit our Facebook page for pictures and more information about the meeting. We encourage you to attend future meetings to provide ideas, input and viewpoints about issues concerning the Homosassa River. Remember, all members, guests and interested parties are welcome.  Become a true "Voice  of the River."

 The Homosassa River Alliance meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm at the Homosassa Civic Club. Our April meeting is our annual picnic.  Click on the "Meetings and Picnic" icon for more information.Please see an important letter from our President on the Newsletter page.