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Scallop Shells

The goal of the Homosassa River Alliance is to recognize and react to threats that have negative effects on the current and future health of the Homosassa River. One of these threats currently effecting the river is the amount of scallop shells being discarded into the river waters during scallop season. One boat 10 gallon limit of scallop shells dumped into the river covers 12 square feet of river bottom . These shells covering the river bottom smother all native aquatic plants depleting the river of oxygen needed to sustain a healthy environment  Multiply the one boat by 100 equals 100 boats x a 86 day season = 8600 boats dumping shells into the river . Multiply 8600 x 12 square feet = 103,200 square feet of covered river bottom. The river plays host each season to thousands of scallopers discarding their shells into the river. Recognizing the effects of discarding of shells, the Alliance began a comprehensive educational program .This program targeted recreational scallopers making them aware of the effects of discarding shells into the river. The Alliance program consists of research, development and distribution of the following educational tools encouraging scallopers not to discard their shells into the river(1) County approved signs made of the latest DOT approved material for posting on private waterfront property, marinas, dive shops and resorts (2) rack cards developed with the help of SWIFTMUD placed in locations along the river and U.S.19 (3) posters highlighting the effects of dumping of scallop shells (4) scallop shell display showing scallop shells covering 12 square feet of river bottom.The Alliance is currently working with Citrus County and the FWC on projects to further educate the scallopers by adding additional signage within the Blue Waters of the Homosassa, and reprinting state publications to address the dumping of shells into both the Homosassa River and the Crystal River.